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Membership Options

When we started MWG we wanted to make the club as affordable as possible so many of our activities are free and our monthly meetings and paid for activities are all run at cost.  That said we would encourage you to join for a year as it is the annual memberships that keep our club going and really help us to plan ahead.

We offer two options, an annual membership which costs just £24 for 12 months and a pay monthly option. 

The annual option includes all our monthly meetings, which are usually £3 each.  The only proviso is if we go on a trip to somewhere like an open garden or we go out for a meal.  Then each event will be priced differently.  These extra charges are very rare.

If you are not sure then please sign up as a free member as this adds you onto our mailing list.  We generally send out one or 2 messages a month, either from the website or from our email account.  

We offer a lot of activities that are entirely free such as breakfasts meetups, walks and informal craft clubs.

Choose your pricing plan

  • Free Member

    Not sure that you will be able to get to many events...
    Free Plan
    • Access to our web site
    • Able to book and pay for meetings on line
  • Annual Membership

    Valid for one year
    • All of our monthly meetings,
    • Craft Club meetings and our walks are all included
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