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Happy New Year

Our AGM on the 9th January covered many subjects and it was nice to find volunteers for the committee as well as a full diary of events for the coming year. The beetle drive was fun afterwards and if I decide to go to a casino, I know who I would like to take with me as a lucky few could roll a six on the dice first throw. In addition to our regular meetings, craft and walking groups, we now have craft courses every two months covering various skills. The first one on the 25th February is Pyrography and presently we have spaces available.

We rely on a few Fetes to raise funds and keep our costs down. The All Saints Fair is on Sunday 11th June so please put this in your diary, not just to support our Group by taking time to serve on our stall for a short while, or make jam etc, but to support our community too.

The next meeting is on 13th February and we hope to have a speaker letting us know how to keep safe whilst going about our normal lives. At a recent community meeting several people expressed concern over safety in the evenings in particular, so hopefully we will have more knowledge if anything arises.

If anyone would like a lift to our meetings, craft sessions etc. please speak up. No one likes to sit soaking wet in a hall after pouring rain, or trudge through snow. We are a friendy group who like to meet people and exchange knowledge and skills.

All the details of our events for the year will be on our website soon and there should also be a newsletter coming to your inbox soon.

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