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Hedging our bets

Willow Bird Feeders with Hedges and Hurdles

Two groups of lovely ladies attended a wonderful course in the woods in Smallfied to make willow bird feeders- it was a beautiful day as Kate, Pascale, Hazel, Jenny and I gathered in a

beautiful woodland glade, filled with wildflowers and glorious sunshine. Lorraine, our instructor and guide for the day showed us round before we started work. She explained to use the types of wood we’d be using and started us off showing what we needed to do. There were two types of feeders we could make - a hanging bird feeder – good for fat balls and/or gardens or patios with small spaces.

And off we went – Lorraine came around and helped us out as necessary (in my case quite a lot!) Much laughter and fun were had as our feeders took shape – some much better than others – Jenny and Hazel had attended courses before, and their bird feeders looked amazing. They, like I made the standing bird feeders which took a bit longer. Pascale and Kate made beautiful hanging bird feeders – quicker to make and very beautifully done. Mine was definitely a beginner’s bird feeder – I’ll need to line mine as it’s very much on the airy side! Far too many gaps. I suspect Lorraine was a little frustrated with my lack of dexterity!

It was all great fun, and we very much enjoyed our morning. I’m sure, Claire and the afternoon group has as much fun as we did!

Look out for future workshops over the summer for, as a group, there will be other sessions organised. It was a very enjoyable morning for all. In the meantime, on a nice day do take a walk down to the moors nature reserve on the borders of Merstham and Redhill to see Paul’s hedge. Paul is Lorraine’s husband and business partner. Also check out our page for other past and future events coming up. We’d love to see you at some of our upcoming meetings.

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