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Newsletter, but in disguise!

Hello Everyone! First of all, an explanation, it turns out that we can only send you 3 organised emails a month and this month we have run out. So I am writing this blog post that I hope will get sent to your inboxes anyway.

So this month, "things" started to happen. We have walked and we have crafted! Liz will be writing more about both of these things.

The most important thing is that we have organised something to do for our May meeting. We will taking a virtual tour of the castles of Sussex. Again, this is something a bit different for us ( we try to keep things interesting) and this month we have paid for a virtual tour. We do hope that you will join us, we don't have a lot of details apart from the fact that April has been on tours organised by this particular guide and says he is very good. We were supposed to be doing his, "Butchery, Burning and the Black Death," tour, maybe one day we will manage it again.

Second news is that we really enjoyed the willow weaving workshop and would like to do more. Please have a look at Lorraine's web site and tell us what you fancy and we will do the organising....

That is it from me now... back to proper blogs!


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