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Local history, talks and walks

Our March meeting on the history of Merstham was fantastic. Alex Hunter had us spellbound by the knowledge that our village has played such a large part in the industrial revolution, beautiful architecture (sadly mostly now gone), battles of centuries ago but more recently crimes and mysteries. The talk had more attendees than usual and we had the opportunity to make new friends and well as reconnecting with those we have missed due to Covid lockdowns.

Thank you to those who kindly bought the knitted ducklings, all proceeds going to MWG. The next batch is about to hatch for those who would like to buy at our April meeting. The knitting and crochet groups are going well with so many beautiful creations. I am very impressed with the skills of the new learners, who have made some beautiful blankets and baby jackets. Although we have some star crafters, I am happy to help decipher pattern instructions, or help with a new stitch. I won't be able to attend Friday gatherings during the Easter holidays, from 1st April, but I'll be at Merstham Mix Saturdays. All are welcome, even just for a cuppa and chat. Liz is doing a grand job of leading beautiful walks during this fortnight of almost a heatwave. Buckland looked wonderful in her photos. A great chance to socialise as well as keeping fit. Our April meeting is wine tasting. For those who just want to discover more about wine, how best to serve it and which wine goes best with meat or fish, we will find out the answers. It is not compulsory to sample the wine, just come along for an informative talk and meet friends.

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