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Merstham Adventure Window Trail

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

Drum roll please! First draft for our adventure window trail. Unveil your windows on these dates. There may be changes/additions

1st December - Devon Road

2nd December - Portland Drive

3rd December - Field Oaks Way/Purbeck CLose

4th December - Bletchingley Road

5th December - Wycliffe Gardens/Chilberton Road/Ash Close

6th December - Albury Road

7th December - Nutfield Road/Tilers Close

8th December - Mansfield Drive

9th December - Malmstone Avenue

10th December -Worsted Green/Bletchingley Close

11th December - Radstock Way

12th December - Orpin Road

13th December - Crossways/Battlebridge Lane

14th December - London Road

15th December -Weldon Way/Taynton Drive

16th December Brook Road

17th December - Chesterton Drive/Chilmark Gardens/Delabole Road/Wood Street

18th December - Manor Road/Endsleigh Road/Subrosa

19th December - All Saints/St Teresa/Merstham Baptist.

House numbers to follow - there's space for others to join

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