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Queue the ABBA music. Happy New Year.

Merstham women’s group wishes you a happy and hopefully covid free new year. Sadly my family succumbed to the dreaded C over Christmas so our plan to visit relatives up north were cancelled. As my husband came out of isolation, I went in. But fortunately not before I was able to organise some great covid free Christmas lights walks around Merstham. Three in all. You excelled yourselves with your amazing advent windows and I swear some of your Christmas lights could be seen from space. My friends up in the international space station rated them pretty highly! Pictures to follow (from my phone 📞 , not the iss. tee hee)

Our Christmas party was really good fun, great food, great company and a really hilarious quiz. A lovely change from the pub, and possibly a permanent fixture for next year

We have some awesome events lined up. Wine tasting, history talks, food demonstrations, crafting. And when the weather improves, walks, outdoor events and more. Our usual social events at the Merstham mix and the feathers continue. If you have any ideas for our social programs or you have suggestions for speakers please don’t be shy in coming forward. We look forward to welcoming you at our very short AGM and longer social coming up this month.

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