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Snow drops and crafts - and walking on water!

February has bought us wind, rain, storm damage bad news from the East and not much good news on the BBC. However in Merstham Women's group world every event is good news - you can put all the troubles of the world behind you when you attend one of our meetings or events and know you're amongst friends. Those of you who attended had an awesome evening at Canada Hall making button and fabric broaches - it was so nice to walk into a buzzy vibe at the hall on 14th Feb. And for once I'm not talking about bees! There's a first. There was lots of chat, happy faces and some amazing creations - photos have already been posted.

Some of us enjoyed a very damp walk to Gatton to see the snowdrops - we started in the dry, but the heavens opened once we got to Gatton Park. However the snow drops were definitely worth the walk - they're beautiful. And the cake was indeed lush.

Next month, we'll be walking around Buckland Park. We'll be meeting at Canada Hall with cars at 10 am on Saturday 12th March - entry to Buckland Park is £3.50 - however if you want to walk in, entry is £2.50 (I can drop off anyone near the entrance to walk in and save a quid - or we can walk from the Black Horse Pub, which is about a mile from the entrance) If you're meeting us there, we'll arrive around 10.30 (ish). There's no pressure to walk all the way around - the whole circuit is 2.5km (just under 2 miles in old money) - however there are plenty of benches, sunny spots, shady spots, picnic tables and a lovely restaurant if you just want to sit and enjoy the view. You know me - walks and fresh air always involve a tea shop or a pub! Please let me know if you'd like to use the cafe at lunch time - booking necessary between 12 and 1.30.

If you're really really adventurous on 12th - you can experience the joys of outdoor swimming - yes the Shac is welcoming experienced and confident outdoor swimmers - the cost for that is £9.60 (there's a discount for Reigate Bluetits) - book direct yourselves and at your own risk on the shac website - equipment and wetsuits available to hire at the shac. This part is not an official MWG event and you book at your own risk. See our facebook page for more details during the weekend (event not yet posted at time of writing this) or respond to this post.

Do come along to our meeting on 14th March which will be a very interesting talk on the history of Merstham by Alex Hunter - meanwhile, as always there are our usual weekly meet ups at the Merstham Mix on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays

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